All kinds of the weighing sacles and weight test you can find.

HZY-A 系列 電子精密天平 0.001g


USA.HZ 美 國 康 州 電 子
雙量程、準微量 HZY-A Dual Weighing Range Propinquity Microbalance HZY-A Series.
HYZ-A is an innovative product of precision balance. With leading edge technique of load cell sensor,
firmly iron shell, transparent and beautiful glass winproof, 0.001g accuracy which could be made
only by costly electromagnetic sensor before. As accumulating working experience for many years to
analyze straining techniques deeply, we passed the edge of technology. This new technology achieves
the excellent performance at a low cost.
◆雙量程、雙精度可調功能Dual Weighing Range/Two Weighing Precision Adjustable
◆四級防震濾波可調功能 Four Level Anti-Shock Adjustable Function
◆防干擾,防靜電金屬外殼 Anti-Radiate、Anti-Static Metal Housing
◆LCD大顯示介面帶背光顯示Large LCDdispaly
◆秤重穩定時間可調功能 Weighing stableness time adjustable
◆全系列產品交直流兩用 Support AC-DC
◆設定物體秤量計數功能 Selectable weighing and count mode
◆具有克、克拉、台兩、盎司等十七種單位 17 Unit available: g ,ct,lb,tl.T ,GN,dwt,N,t…
◆配備RS232通訊端口邊連接外圍設備 Fit with RS232 Line
◆百分比秤重功能 Percentage weighing function
◆模式鎖定功能 Mode lock function
◆內置日期、時間可調功能 Time and Date Setting
◆選配內置直流可充電功能 Optional fit with inner rechargeable DC battery
◆選配外接可操控顯示介面 Optional with External Operatable Indicator
◆選配下掛勾秤重裝置 Optional with Under Hook
◆選配內置溫度顯示功能 Optional with Display Temperature
◆選配密度秤量直讀功能 Optional with Density Measurement
◆選配動物秤量功能 Optional with Dynamic Weighing Function

HZ+HZK+HZY4 1 說明書