All kinds of the weighing sacles and weight test you can find.

APP-ll 電子計重台秤 (LCD)



● 顯示器字高28MM超大LCD綠色背光液晶顯示。
● 具有充電功能、滿電狀態下約可使用150小時。
● 高精密度L/C傳感器 (台灣足立品牌)
● HI、OK、OL 檢校模式設定。
● 顯示器 內建 RS-232 介面輸出端。
● 具有 公斤、台斤、磅 多種計重單位。
● 獨特動物秤暫留功能。具有自動零點追蹤功能。
● 可搭配標籤列印機;藍芽無線傳輸電腦

Product details
1.Large LCD display with back light
2. 24 bits high processor
3. Have kg, g, tlt, lb, oz, etc weighing units
4. Have check weighing, accumulation& counting function
5. Quick response in weighing/stability/zero-tracking/tare
6. Equipped with 6V4AH rechargeable battery
7. Using touchable keypad to make more easily press
8. Low-battery signal will flash when the battery is low
9. Have change function & auto-cal function

– 中文說明書 (.pdf)