A: Honder provides over 30 years’ experience on professional weighing industry, and we are confidence on our quality management and detail-oriented. However, the most important part for choosing Honder since we have the strong passion on service and cooperate with our client. We hope to satisfy our client’s and create a win-win situation with our client.

A: We offer more than hundred products; in addition, we have supply many applications of scales, such as industrial, commercial, lab, and also household. As a result, we believe you can find the items you need in Honder.

A: You can search for products according to your needs on our official website. However, there are some tips for you:

  • If you are looking for a more precise and detailed scale please check on “balance” series; as a result, for lab and jeweler we will definitely recommend check out on this series.
  • For the most use like factory or consumption using, we would recommend you can just direct check on tabletop or other scale series.

If you can’t find the series that relate to your needs, please feel free to contact us: honder.scale@gmail.com

For non-customized products, we don’t require any minimum order. However, there are some exceptions, please contact your sales representative or honder.scale@gmail.com for more information.

A: Yes, you can definitely do it in your own needs. We got two ways for customized.

  • Change or label the panel and the box (OEM).
  • Accord with your needs and what you want then bring out the items (ODM).
  • For the OEM part mostly required 100-300 on the weighing scale.
  • For the ODM and other exception please contact your sales representative or honder.scale@gmail.com for more details.

A: Of course if you need to buy the scales online, you can reach our partner site: www.polit.com.tw
There can use the credit card for online shopping but is only for chinese right now. Thank you