All kinds of the weighing sacles and weight test you can find.

ARP Electronic Bench Weighing Scale (LED)


* Load tray size: weighing
ASS(26x32x8cm):30Kg x 1g / 60Kg x 2g / 150Kg x 5g
AS(33x45x10cm):30Kg x 1g / 60Kg x 2g / 150Kg x 5g
AM(40x50x14cm):60Kg x 2g / 150Kg x 5g / 300Kg x 10g
AN(42x52x16cm):150Kg x 5g / 300Kg x 10g
AL(45x60x16cm):150Kg x 5g / 300Kg x 10g
AE(60x60x16.5cm):300Kg x 10g / 500Kg x 20g
AXS(60x60x18cm):200Kg x 10g / 300Kg x 20g / 500Kg x 50g
AX(60x80x18cm):600Kg x 20g / 1000Kg x 50g


  • Red light display with 28MM word height
  • *Used in outdoor sunlight, the values are clearly visible
  • Welded structure, stainless steel weighing pan, high precision L/C sensor
  • With charging function, it can be used for about 150 hours at full power (6V, 4.0Ah)
  • With accumulation, re-display, simple calculation quantity, upper and lower limit check weight function HI OK LO
  • Weight units are available in kilograms (kg), grams (g), pounds (lb), ounces (oz), etc.
  • Optional: brakeable and movable wheel, printer, check three-color warning light.
  • Weighing platform can be replaced to waterproof stainless steel.