All kinds of the weighing sacles and weight test you can find.

LSA Multi-Function Precision Electronic Balance

Product model

Load tray : Weighing specifications
Round Plate 85mm : 60g / 120g / 150g / 220g / 320g x0.001g
*With windshield
Square Plate 185x185mm : 1200g / 2200g / 3200g x0.01g
Square Plate 185x185mm : 6000gx0.05g / 12000g x0.01g

Power supply mode
9V 500MA international universal voltage

  • Scale body size: 295x200x95 mm               
  • High with windshield: 295x200x310 mm
  • Total weight: 2.4KG (including windshield: 3.5KG)
  • Equipped with: level, dust jacket, adjustment foot, charging cable, manual, RS232 transmission interface


  • 1/10 d division switch function
  • With measure density function
  • With comparaoe function (HI, OK, LO)
  • Selectable weighing and count mode
  • Variety unit available(g, tlt, ct, lb)
  • Fit with RS232
  • With Dynamic weighing and Percentage weighing function
  • Accumulator battery with icon
  • High sensitivity, response quickly
  • Automatic zero tracking and high stability
  • LCD display with variety symbol
  • Optional:External display, Three-color warning light, Specific gravity device, Under-hook structure.