All kinds of the weighing sacles and weight test you can find.

MX-518 Table Weighing Scale


1500g-3000g x 0.1g-0.2g / 3000g-7500g x 0.2g-0.5g /
7500g-15000g x 0.5g-1g / 25kg x 1g

Power supply mode
1. AA No. 3 dry battery x 2 sections
2. 9V transformer (international universal voltage)

  • Load tray size: 190 x 190 mm
  • Scale body size: 265 x 190 x 75 mm
  • Total weight: KG
  • Equipped with: dust jacket, 9V transformer, manual


  • g/ lb/ oz units selection.
  • High resolution, strong internal resolution, fast and stable response.
  • The load tray can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • The backlight function can be set
    Turn off when there is no action
    2. Keep the light on
    3. Turn off the backlight.
  • Digital button weight correction, automatic zero tracking, horizontal adjustment feet.
  • It has the power shortage warning function “LO” and the overload warning protection “EEEEE”.
  • Wide-angle LCD green backlight display high definition, 28mm large subtitle digital display.
  • Unique dual range weighing design.