All kinds of the weighing sacles and weight test you can find.

SK-10 High Precision Micro Electronic Scale

1100g x 0.1g / 5100g x 0.5g

Power supply mode
5V No. 3 AA dry battery x 2 sections

  • Load tray size: 135 x 135 mm
  • Scale body size: 210 x 140 x 30mm
  • Scale weight about: 400G
  • Equipped with: manual, battery


  • High resolution, strong internal resolution, fast and stable response.
  • The shape is exquisite, lightweight, easy to carry, and the weight display is fast and stable.
  • LCD large subtitles, wide-angle 25mm high digital display with green backlight display.
  • With g / lb / oz a variety of weighing units to choose.