All kinds of the weighing sacles and weight test you can find.

TXB Standard Precision Electronic Balance

Product model

Precision load tray : Weighing specifications
30,000 Precision Round Plate 115mm : 150g / 320g / 620g / 2000g
( With windshield )
60,000 Precision Round Plate 115mm : 300g / 600g / 1200g
( With windshield )
60,000 Precision Square Plate 160x185mm : 3000gx0.05g / 6000gx0.1g
100,000 Precision Round Plate 115mm : 1000gX0.01g
( With windshield )

Power supply mode
IN: AC110-240 50/60HZ  OUT:DC 9V

  • Scale body size: 260x200x90mm
  • High with windshield: 260x200x190mm
  • Total weight: 1.2KG
  • Equipped with: level, dust jacket, adjustment foot, transformer, manual


  • Resistance strain sensing technology, automatic zero tracking.
  • Push-button automatic correction function, overload warning protection.
  • With gram(g) / carat(ct) a variety of weighing units to choose.
  • With PCS simple calculation quantity, minus container weight return function.
  • High-definition LED green light display.
  • Optional: RS-232 serial port output, 6V/1.2Ah rechargeable battery.